Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

UES has registered environmental property assessors, engineers and geologists to perform Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments. Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Site inspection
  • Search of state and federal records
  • History of property
  • Physical setting
  • Adjacent properties

Site Inspection

  • Search for storage tanks
  • Electrical transformers for PCB content
  • Preliminary asbestos survey, if applicable
  • Search for hazardous wastes and materials
  • Miscellaneous site characteristics and hazards
  • Personnel interviews

Search of Records

  • National Priority List/Superfund site inventory
  • PA violations/corrective actions
  • State hazardous waste disposal sites
  • Hazardous waste generators
  • Underground, above-ground and leaking storage tanks
  • Solid waste landfill review
  • Emergency Response Notification System/reported spills
  • Comprehensive environmental response
  • Compensation and liability information system
  • All ASTM-required databases

History of Property

  • Review of historical aerial photographs
  • Research historical street directories
  • Review of available fire insurance maps
  • Agency file reviews (if necessary)
  • Physical Setting
  • Review of topographical maps
  • Determine types of soil in area of subject property
  • Determine likely groundwater flow direction

Adjacent Properties and Surrounding Areas

  • Interviews
  • file reviews with state and federal agencies

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In Their Words

“UES is our go-to environmental company for all our properties nationwide. Not only do they meet our deadlines, if a problem comes up, they can help us resolve it. They know how to help their clients close! -Phil J, client since 1999.