Phase I Environmental Assessments

UES has registered environmental property assessors, engineers and geologists to perform Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments. Phase I Environmental Site Assessments include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Site inspection
  • Search of state and federal records
  • History of property
  • Physical setting
  • Adjacent properties

Site Inspection

Search for storage tanks

Electrical transformers for PCB content

Preliminary asbestos survey, if applicable

Search for hazardous wastes and materials

Miscellaneous site characteristics and hazards

Personnel interviews

Search of Records

National Priority List/Superfund site inventory

EPA violations/corrective actions

State hazardous waste disposal sites

Hazardous waste generators

Underground, above-ground and leaking storage tanks

Solid waste landfill review

Emergency Response Notification System/reported spills

Comprehensive environmental response

Compensation and liability information system

All ASTM-required databases

History of Property

Review of historical aerial photographs

Research historical street directories

Review of available fire insurance maps

Agency file reviews (if necessary)

Physical Setting

Review of topographical maps

Determine types of soil in area of subject property

Determine likely groundwater flow direction

Adjacent Properties and Surrounding Areas


File reviews with state and federal agencies